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Friday, January 20
Wanted: Grass to rent for 20- 30 cow calf pairs in south west Saskatchewan.
Contact #: 306-296-7409

Wanted: Two 30 inch by 77-80 inch interior doors with frames if possible lined with plywood like old style houses. I need them to be a left hand and a right hand swing.
Contact #: 306-741-0055 or 306 773-0126(leave a message)

Thursday, January 19
Wanted: A good used portable air compressor.
Contact #: 306-773-1920

Wednesday, January 18
Wanted: A good 8HP Tecumse snowblower engine.
Contact #: 306-221-2294

Wanted: A good used car battery.
Contact #:306-774-2161

Tuesday, January 17
Wanted: Wagon wheels & buggy wheels.
Contact #: 306-375-2271

Wanted: A good used car battery.
Contact #: 306-774-2161

Monday, January 16
Wanted: An electric treadmill in good working condition for $150-200.
Contact #: 306-640-2325

Wanted: Old cribs. These will not be used for a baby, using for another purpose.
Contact #: 306-774-8365

Wanted: A box spring for a single or a double mattress.
Contact #: 306-750-3522

Wanted: 235 60 r14 white letter tires.
Contact #: 306-264-7775

Friday, January 13
Wanted: A one ton 4x4 regular cab truck
Contact #: 306-671-7040

Wanted: Someone to shovel driveway and sidewalks for the remainder of the winter. Located on the south side
Contact #: 306-774-6468

Wanted: Outdoor Christmas light up decorations
Contact #: 306-773-7055

Wanted: Looking to buy an AFX Tomy slot race car or the whole race set. Have pieces from our old one, but would like to get it running for the grandkids. Also need a size large dog kennel. Prefer the plastic kind.
Contact #:306-773-0238 or 305-741-0731.

Wanted: Old metal tractor seats
Contact #: 306-741-1398

Wanted: lost, a small square car starter, around the North Hill CO-OP
Contact #: 306-773-3992

Wanted: Dodge ignition parts 1976-78 (6 or 8 cylinder.)distributor, control unit, ballast resistor. And a Ford Pinto flexible steering shaft.
Contact #: 306 741-2377

Wanted: Seeking a long term rental of one bedroom suite to be occupied by professional male with successful career in the trades
Contact #: 306-750-3435
Thursday, January 12
Wanted: 225/60R/16 tires.
Contact #: 306-375-7208
Wanted: Interior door, measuring 30 inches by 78 1/2 inches.
Contact #: 306-629-3811
Wanted: Someone that has a wood lathe need the ends of some doweling machined.
Contact #: 306-774-4990
Wanted: Used board room table.
Contact #: 306-741-5832

Wednesday, January 11
Wanted: Calf tipping table.
Contact #: 306-741-1773

Wanted: Primary fermentation pail for making wine.
Contact #: 306-741-3421

Tuesday, January 10
Wanted: A 1974-79 Ford f150 4x4 with a 4 speed manual transition in running condition with 351 or 400 motor text preferred.
Contact #: 306-661-9331

Monday, January 9
Wanted: vcr - dvd player in good working condition.
Contact #: 306-355-2791

Wanted: An ice auger and some fish. Also looking for small farm animals.
Contact #: 306-774-4134

Wanted: A small older style propane space heater
Contact #: 306-773-3425

Wanted: A 2 bedroom house to rent. I am currently looking for a house to rent as I can not afford the one I also currently in. I need this new place to hopefully allow pets as I have a dog and a cat. I am hoping for at least a 2 bedroom as my boyfriend and I are expecting a baby in March. So the sooner the better to get into a new place!
Contact #: 306-520-2722

Wanted: 3010 John Deere.
Contact #: 306-672-7882

Wanted: The people from Ali Caters who made the frozen dinners.
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