A major act of generosity has propelled the Southwest Facility Foundation closer to its goal. 

An anonymous benefactor has donated $100,000 to the SWFF, pushing the total raised to $1.2 million.

Vim Parmar, a director with the SWFF, is staggered by the continual support the movement has gotten from the community. This donation is shocking for him because it was from an entity that approached them directly, without being asked. 

"It's wonderful for us," said Parmar. "For us to go out and look for companies and people to donate is one thing, but when we start getting companies coming to us and individuals coming to us, it's got us speaking a whole new volume of what's going on here."

In under a year, the SWFF has brought in $1.2 million of its $8 million goal. Comparatively, Parmar highlighted how when Assiniboia had a similar initiative, it took them ten years to bring in a total of $6.5 million. It's worth highlighting some disparity between Swift Current and Assiniboia, as they only have a population of around 2,500, compared to Swift Current's 16,000.

"This can only mean good things for Swift Current and the surrounding area," said Parmar. 

The money being raised is for either a new Field House, or possibly a new Aquatic Facility that would feature a lazy river, wheelchair-accessible swimming, and a new communal use pool to replace the aging Swift Current Aquatic Centre. The goal for Swift Current is to have both these facilities, should the stars align. 

"Depending on the level of funding we can attract and what we can do as our foundation here, I'd love to see a combined do it all at once," said Parmar. "We know that as time goes on, inflation jumps in, and things just get more and more expensive. The sooner we can build both of these facilities, the better."

If anyone would like to donate, be that $5 or $5 million, Parmar encourages them to head over to the SWFF website. 

"We would love to hear from you," said Parmar. "A lot of people are coming to us with ideas on how they can raise money to help the SWFF and stuff like that. We're open to all ideas to help make this a reality."