Author: GWR Ag Network
Hypor may not be a household name in Saskatchewan , but perhaps it should be.  The international pig breeding company recently signed joint venture agreements with two of 's largest agri-business companies. The agreements with Sichuan South Hope Company Ltd. ( New Hope ) and Shandong Liuhe Group Co., Ltd. (Liuhe) are for the production and distribution of breeding pigs in “Our Chinese partners have access to the market, and we have the pigs and the technology,” Hypor Chief Marketing Officer Marc Broadbent said. “Together, you could say we have a winning team.”  The investment involves 600 pigs in each joint venture, worth about $2 million, and will produce six million slaughter pigs per year. There is also investment in the farms, equipment and land.



Hypor will supply the pigs from the three barns it operates in Saskatchewan .