The numbers are in for the final quarter of 2022 on crime in Swift Current.

These newest numbers fill in the final gap from October to December for the tail end of 2022, finishing off the year.

Presenting the final numbers for last year to Swift Current city council on Monday night was Swift Current City RCMP Staff Sergeant, Evan Gordon. 

"I last presented at what I believe was the beginning of October," Gordon said. "We've seen certain areas with an increase."

In total, the final quarter of 2022 saw 1,236 occurrences involving the City RCMP. That number brings the total to 4,930 for all of 2022. Comparatively, 2021 saw 1,246 occurrences during the same period, with a total of 4,981 total incidents for the year. 

One of the big changes seen from year to year was a huge decrease in Provincial Traffic Offences. This latest report details only 375 incidents, wherein in 2021, for the same period, there were 959 occurrences.

Of course, the similar numbers between the totals between the two years means that other areas made up the difference. Amongst those were most notably Robbery/Extortion/Harassment cases, with 42 occurrences in 2022 versus 2021 having 25, and Drug Enforcement, which went from 17 cases in the final quarter of 2021, to 25 in 2022.

Some good news shared by Gordon came in the form of the massive drop in Sexual Offences. The report noted seven occurrences for the quarter last year, a marked drop of exactly 20 from 2021.   

"I think that's one of those areas that are maybe difficult to point at and say that there's a solid decrease," noted Gordon. "I think it's still an area that is likely underreported, but I think anytime that number dips, it's a good thing, and I hope that it's a good indicator of what is actually happening in the community."

Gordon also took the time to look further back at Swift Current's statistics from years before the pandemic. He noted that the pandemic lull in criminal and illegal activity may be drawing to a close as numbers are starting to resemble pre-pandemic levels. 

Both Gordon and Cameron Hutchinson, of Hutch Ambulance, as well as Ryan Hunter, Fire Chief for the Swift Current Fire Department, addressed the increase in overdoses in Swift Current and their ability to respond and manage those situations. Swift Current Online will have a story on those conversations at a later date.