Shaunavon will be undergoing some adjustments to their vision statement and town operations with an updated five-year Strategic Plan for 2023 to 2028.   

According to Shaunavon Mayor Kyle Bennett, the plan will be used as a guideline for many different things in the community, such as making decisions about developments and future goals.   

“We do follow this strategic plan quite closely when we're making decisions, especially come budget time,” Bennett said. “What's important to our community members is important to us.”   

Community surveys will be distributed this fall in a number of ways, including being mailed out with utility bills and being virtually posted to social media, to ensure all residents have the chance for their opinions to be heard.   

Bennett added that for the past five years the town has followed its previous strategic plan extremely closely, but as people grow and change, their wants and goals do as well, and he feels it’s time to revise.  

“The town of Shaunavon is the people," he said. “We all make up the town; it's not just the council, it's not just the staff, it's all of our people, all of our businesses, even visitors. We want to know what the community wants and what's important to the community—that's what we're here for.”   

The results of the surveys will be what they base their goals on moving forward as a town, requiring as much information from folks as possible, good, bad, or in between.    

“We encourage every resident to fill out the survey and questionnaire and get involved because this is what we are using to base our decisions on,” Bennett said. “So, please get involved and let us know where you want to see Shaunavon in the next five years.”