A community-loved venue for local gatherings in Swift Current is undergoing a big change. 

Formerly known as the Innovation Credit Union iPlex, the facility’s name has been changed to the InnovationPlex, effective this past Tuesday.  

Dan Johnson, CEO of Innovation Credit Union, said they have been the sponsor for the iPlex for about 10 years, which gives the organization naming rights.  

“We’ve recently modernized our look and we wanted to make the name Innovation prominent in some of our partnerships,” Johnson said. “This was a good opportunity to do that.” 

He stated that although they liked the former name, moving forward with InnovationPlex showcases the Innovation Credit Union’s partnership with the City more effectively.  

Signage will become more modern, reflecting the changes that Innovation itself has undergone, but there is no estimated time yet on when it will be finished.  

“From there, we’ll continue to be excited about our partnership with the City and work with other organizations in the region,” Johnson added. 

This change has been in the works for quite a while, as Innovation Credit Union will become a federal credit union in 2022 and with that adjustment comes a number of things they will have to review and change. 

Some folks may even remember the InnovationPlex as its name pre-Credit Union iPlex years, which was the Civic Center.  

It may take some time for residents to get used to, but the Innovation Credit Union isn’t concerned about the adjustment period or how long the former name might hang on. 

"The real essence here isn’t what people call it, it’s that we continue our relationship and our sponsorship with the facility because we think it’s important for Swift Current.” 

The partnership itself is beyond just the name; there are various components that make up the multi-year relationship, including aspects within the building, facility, and sponsorship. 

As an organization, they look at providing 2 per cent to 4 per cent of their pretax profit back to their communities.  

“We think that this is a really excellent opportunity for us to support arts, sports and other events that are happening here in Swift Current,” Johnson concluded.