Some banks offer pens or card protectors, while others offer free drive-in movies.

Innovation Credit Union did just that last week, just for the sake of putting on a fun event.

With over 500 attendees in close to 200 vehicles, the night was jam-packed with friends and families looking to enjoy some cinema under the stars.

Malina Combres, a marketing specialist for Innovation Credit Union, thinks the movie night was a blockbuster hit.

"Since [the pandemic], we wanted to host a free event for everybody to just to come out and enjoy," said Combres. "It was really well attended."

They hosted their soiree in the open field behind the Stockade Building in Kinetic Park, using a pop-up theatre screen provided by Fresh Air Cinemas. On their star-lit screen was Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Folks simply pulled into the field, row by row, parked their vehicles and enjoyed the film from the comfort of their cabs.

"It's one of the newer releases," said Combres. "It's a family-friendly movie with really good reviews. It was recommended to us also by Fresh Air Cinemas, so we went with that one."

During the movie, staff volunteers from Innovation operated a concession stand, providing real theatre popcorn, snacks and drinks. The popcorn was courtesy of Cinema Twin, the local movie theatre in Swift Current.

The event was a nice way to celebrate a return to normalcy this summer, after two years of harsh restrictions making going out and about with family and friends a real struggle. These kinds of hosted events speak to the natural community draw Swift Current provides.