The village of Abbey will be home to the Grey Cup this fall for perhaps the first time.

That's just part of the prize package the village earned Friday when they were named one of six Richardson Pioneer Rider Nation Community Celebration contest winners.

"I was so excited, I couldn't believe it, I didn't really think we had a chance," Jenn Biensch, the economic development officer for Abbey, said. "I'm just really happy for our community that we get to host this and show everybody our Rider pride and our Grey Cup spirit."

Along with the trophy itself, Abbey will host a one-day party on September 18 that will feature past and present Roughriders and Gainer the Gopher.

"The committee is going to put together live music, beer gardens, a supper, kids activities," she said. "We have to iron out all the details but we plan the event and then work with the Grey Cup Committee to incorporate all their assets into the day."

Richardson Pioneer is also donating $25,000 to each winning community, which will allow Abbey the chance to finish off revitalizing their lone playground.

"Last fall we had volunteers install the equipment," she explained. "Now we're working on our goal to put in rubber paving to finish the project... It will go towards putting in that rubber paving."

Biensch said their hope is to install the rubberized surface by the end of summer or fall.