One of the most distinguished artists in Canadian country music will be parking his tour bus in Swift Current at the end of August. 

Gord Bamford, winner of 26 Canadian Country Music Association Awards, will be taking it to the stage, as Swift Current celebrates its fourth annual Taking it to the Streets event. 

Bamford has been back on the road, playing shows since February, although he explained that things are looking a little different than they did prior to the pandemic. 

“When we started, we were playing mainly smaller community shows, so they were all good,” he stated. “The big, big crowds, they still seem to be a little bit hesitant on stuff, but for the most part people are coming out.  

“We're trying to do things a little bit different than most where we kind of, keep it a little smaller to begin with. Sometimes we'll play two nights in one town. So yeah, they’ve been really good, and it's been enjoyable, I think people are ready for it.” 

The country superstar added that being from a small town himself, he quite enjoys playing in smaller venues. 

“I grew up in it, so it's pretty easy for me, and it's obviously where I started my career,” he said. “It's kind of nice to come back to it and continue to do it. And we will for many years.” 

With ten albums to choose from, Bamford provided reassurance that fan favourites would be in the mix for the show on August 20. 

“We've been so lucky to have so many songs,” he stated. “We stick to songs that are familiar with people and the hits that we've had over the years. We mix the odd new one in, but not much. As a fan of music, I don't like going to a show where I'm hearing songs that I've never heard before.” 

Despite his worldwide success and over 85 million streams, the musician has stayed humble and true to his small-town roots. 

“I just do my thing, I am who I am, a pretty blue-collar guy that’s involved with communities,” he explained. “I have three kids and do the same thing that every normal person does. I go to ball games and hockey games with kids and whatever they're doing. 

“I'm just making a living, really. I mean, this is my job and I enjoy it, every day I go do it, and I'm very lucky that it's got to this level, and I can make a good living doing it, but I’m no different than anybody else out there.” 

Bamford added that he is looking forward to catching up with friends and family in the area. 

“My wife is actually from Swift current, so there's a little bit of a connection there,” he concluded. “It's going to be good to get back in there and see friends and family and have an event. Every time we've come to swift current it's great, so I don't expect it to be anything different.”