As another Frontier Days has come to pass, marking the beginning of summer in the southwest, it is time to recognize the unique performances that entertain patrons. 

The Adventure Wranglers filled the Palliser Pavilion with exotic creatures, realistic dinosaurs and whimsical fairies throughout Frontier Days, evoking excitement and curiosity in onlookers, young and old. 

Elisa Wilke, also known as Wrangler Elisa, is the owner/operator of the Adventure Wranglers, touring the show all over the prairies. 

“There’s absolutely been amazing crowds every single time,” she stated. “It's wonderful to be able to touch those kids' hearts and maybe create a passion for them in the future... Honestly, it's just gotten bigger and bigger every single year. The crowds get bigger, the people start to recognize you. I love being able to help encourage them to play a positive role for our wildlife.” 

The shows have been running in Canada for 15 years now, with Wilke at the helm for the entirety. The reptile show got kids up and petting rare and colourful cold-blooded creatures of all kinds, from giant lizards to snakes and toads. The dinosaur show featured multiple lifelike dinosaur costumes and puppets, designed to pique the interest of patrons of all ages. 

The main messages Wilke instills in her shows are focused on sustainability and a child’s personal responsibility, whether that means reporting a fossil discovery, or simply being the best pet owner for the sake of the animal. 

“We teach kids to never give up, to follow their passions, but also to take care of their environment and leave a very small footprint behind,” Wilke explained. "Always remember, if you have a question about an animal or a fossil or anything, ask an expert. Sometimes Google doesn't give you the right answer.”