Ag in Motion is back with an in-person event for 2022.

Exhibitors are on site preparing for opening day on Tuesday. 

Show Manager Rob O'Conner says staff and exhibiters are ready to welcome everyone back and show them the latest in agriculture technology.

He says the show features not only the trade show component with all the large equipment and shortline manufacturers on site, but because it's an outdoor show they can also offer crop plot tours, equipment demonstrations,  livestock demonstrations, and the ride and drive feature.

"It has a different atmosphere. It's all about the motion and people being able to see how things in an agriculture setting out in a field actually can work."

He notes they've made some changes to help with the entry process.

"Our ticketing system now is electronic. So people can actually purchase their tickets prior to the show, and I think that'll help with the gates. We recognized in past years, our lineup to get in was getting extremely long, so we've revamped our gate structure. You can come right into the property, go through the truck wash so that all the vehicles have been sanitized to help prevent the spread of clubroot.  Then they can park before they pay and we're hoping that really makes your experience at the gates better and quicker, so you can get into the show faster. 

O'Conner says by buying your tickets online through the website, it will speed up that process even more.

Western Canada's Largest outdoor farm expo runs 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Tuesday, July 19 to Thursday, July 21 at Langham.