Folks in Shaunavon with garbage or junk that's just too big to fit in their grey bins can finally get rid of those items with ease while saving a trip to the landfill. 

The town's 10 Annual Free Garbage Transfer Weekend is just around the corner, running from May 26 through 28.

Bonnie Lingenfelter, regional bylaw officer, said town staff will be at the empty lot east of Bear's Den from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. 

"We do it to promote the beautification of our community," she said. "Our first one that we held was in July of 2013, and each year it's just increased in popularity. It's become very popular for people to bring their items for free and keep their yards clean."

There will be labelled bins designated for the disposal of the following materials: 

- Metal 
- Mattresses 
- White Goods 
- Household Garbage 

Materials not accepted at the sites include tires, electronics, and paint. 

Lingenfelter added that things will be a little different this year from previous transfer weekends.

"Before, you had to take anything with Freon to another location--new this year you can bring that item straight to the same site," she explained. "There will be a special bin set up there by Helix, so you can bring it right there and you don't have to go anywhere else for that.

"And also new this year we're running a program with A&B Auto. If you have any derelict vehicles for vehicles that you no longer want or that no longer run, you can phone the Town of Shaunavon and register through us. We'll do all the paperwork and then A&B will come and remove the vehicles out of your yard for free."

Last year, the Town collected 57 bins full of residents' garbage and spent $11,589 on the weekend; they hope to beat those numbers for an even more successful event this year.