The Long Days Night music festival offered rest, relaxation, and a chance to listen to live music for the first time in over two years.

Taking place in conjunction with the Windscape Kite festival this year, Long Days Night lasts for four nights from June 16 to 19 and features talented musicians of various genres and styles.

Named after the fact that it is hosted during the four longest days of the year, Long Days Night featured Oral Fuentes on Thursday, Yukon Blonde with Wild Black performed on Friday night, whereas Saturday saw Tanika Charles with Vissia performing, and finally, JJ Shiplett ended things on Sunday.

Organizer for the event, Amanda Girardin, was pleased with how many people came out and enjoyed the show.

"It's so great to hear," beamed Girardin. "We love being able to see that. I found nothing but smiling faces everywhere I went."

Girardin was also in charge of helping organize Windscape during the day and oversaw the success of that event as well.

"It was definitely trial by fire this year for me, but everything really came together," said Girardin. "I was really happy with the turnout that we had Saturday. We had just incredible numbers."

Indeed, thousands of people not only from Swift Current but other parts of southwestern Saskatchewan came out to listen to music with friends and family. The community around Swift Current not only banded together to support the shows but also helped put them on with volunteer work.

"Our volunteers all came out ready to work and help out," praised Girardin. "We couldn't have done it without all of the support that we've received throughout the community."

Permitting nothing goes awry, people can expect the event to return next year, in the summer of 2023.