The Southwest Explorer is back for some mid-week fun, hitting two events and passing out Full Line Ag Fun Bucks all the way.  

First, Alex will zoom into Full Line Ag in Swift Current for their 25th anniversary open house. The company will be giving out free lunch and refreshments, with an impressive collection of prizes to win as well. Parts discounts will also be on offer, giving people the chance to stock up during haying season and pre-harvest. 

After all the fun at Full Line Ag, our Southwest Explorer is off again to his hometown of Gull Lake for 4:00 p.m.. There, the Gull Lake Community Market will draw many vendors and spenders, as well as a trunk sale. This gives people the opportunity to sell their second-hand items all in the same place from the back of their vehicles.  

Food available includes the Gull Lake EMS Hotdog Sale, Last Chance’s Burger Meal Fundraiser, and a Nacho Sandwich Fundraiser at the Empire Diner. Plenty of kids’ activities will fill the market with youngsters, and the local Kinettes will host Street Bingo to follow at 7:00 p.m. in the Rec Complex parking lot.