Giorgio Estephan

A newsletter predicts Giorgio Estephan could be a Bronco draft pick 

  We will learn the identity of the next blue chip Broncos prospect this Thursday when the WHL holds its annual Bantam Draft.

Swift Current holds the 5th overall selection in the first round and three more picks in the second and third rounds. 

Tyler Neisz of Western Elite Hockey Prospects newsletter believes the strength of the draft is out west.

"It's dominated by lower mainland kids in BC," Neisz said. "Alberta is actually very weak, probably their weakest draft since 2006 with as low as maybe eight players going in the first two rounds. It's looking strong at the top. I'd say maybe the first four to five picks could be forwards. All of those forwards have something a little bit different to offer. Some are more power forwards, some are more set up guys, some have a lot of leadership and two way play.  All seven of those (top) forwards are good players. They've probably separated themselves a little bit from the other ones.

That suits the Broncos just fine as the WHL club has picked defencemen with each of their three first round picks over the last two drafts.

They will likely be targeting a forwards in the first round on Thursday.

Neisz speculates the Broncos might be more likely to take one of the higher ranked Alberta forwards because they've had more success dealing with prairie kids.

His mock draft has Swift Current drafting Alberta Bantam League leading scorer Giorgio Estephan of Edmonton 5th overall, but Neisz says any forward they get in the top 5 of this draft should be an impact player.

Burnaby's Matt Barzal is considered the consensus top pick and Seattle currently holds that selection.

Neisz doesn't expect it will be a big draft for southwest products. He added that 2013 could be sigiciantly better for players from our region. 

We will have full coverage of Thursday's draft on the air and online as it happens.

Interview with Tyler Neisz:

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