Mothers around the southwest were showered with flowers over the weekend, as folks bought out and packed up flower shops in Swift Current. 

While the big day might have been yesterday, things are busiest for florists in the week leading up.

Poppy Parsons, owner and florist at Smart Flower in Swift Current, said orders for floral arrangements started rushing in on Wednesday.

"We completely sold out," she said. "We always want to have enough product to get everybody flowers for their moms, but it isn't always easy to play that guessing game; we don't know what to bring in and how much to bring in, and even after 16, 17 years in the industry, it's always a bit of a guess with that perishable product."

Their next shipment arrives tomorrow morning, and Parsons will be fulfilling late Mother's Day orders for folks that didn't make it in time for the weekend but still wanted to support her shop. 

"It's pretty great to have that amazing support from our community and beyond," she added. "I was pretty proud of my best supporters, my husband, Kelly and Asia who's been with me for [over] four years. It's just an incredible support system."

wildflower floristThe team at Wildflower Florist thanks their wonderful customers for the continued support.

Wildflower Florist was feeling the heat this year as well, as they started stocking up and prepping their arrangements on Tuesday last week. 

Owner and Operator, Kerry Lind, said it was go-time as soon as two full pallets of flowers arrived, ready to be prepped. 

"Tuesday, when flowers rolled in, it's a process," she said. "We have to cut all the stems of the flowers, and it's called a quick dip, which is kind of like a preserve dip for the flowers to make them last long. That's all done, and probably over 150 buckets were full of flowers. "We had a very successful weekend and we're thankful to all our customers here in the Southwest--thank you very much."