Ghosts, goblins, and superheroes will be taking over the streets today in search of as much candy as possible. 

CAA Saskatchewan wants to ensure everyone has a safe Halloween and has released some tips for drivers and trick-or-treaters. 

Angel Blair, Senior Communications Specialist with CAA provides some helpful tips for those going door to door. 

"What we're saying is wear costumes that are bright at night. Bigger groups are actually better for drivers to see. We always say to wear makeup instead of masks. I know masks are really cool, but they do impair vision and we want the kids to be able to see as clearly as they can."

Blair reminds parents to speak with their children about not being distracted. Many students have phones and are reminded to avoid walking and looking at them in order to ensure they remain alert and safe. 

CAA has also released some helpful tips for those that will be on the road as Blair details. 

"If you are driving during Halloween hours, what we are asking people to do is when you are picking up and dropping off kids or you see trick-or-treaters, pull over and park safely. Always make sure your lights are on. A lot of Halloween displays are out there and you would be surprised how many people don't have their lights on even at dusk. Make sure they are on as they are a really good signal for kids to look out for."

In addition, according to Blair motorists are reminded to avoid driving in peak hours if possible and if going to a party make sure you have a safe ride home. Drivers should watch for kids, be alert, not be distracted, and slow down in school zones and residential areas. 

CAA wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween!!!!