Spending nearly half a century helping others is admirable, but doing it in the legal system might be one of the most gratifying ways to achieve it.

For Legal Aid Saskatchewan, the last half century of helping those left most vulnerable in society has been full of fulfilling moments, careers, and goals. 

That is what Adrian McBride, regional manager for Legal Aid in Swift Current and Moose Jaw, has enjoyed so much about the job. Since 1977, he has been a practitioner of law, spending 17 years in private practice before joining Legal Aid Saskatchewan in 1994.

For the last 30 years, he has helped countless Swift Current and southwest residents, often the most vulnerable of them, navigate court proceedings and other legal matters. Through it all, he has been a tireless champion of serving youth in particular, ensuring they have access to justice.

"There's always a variety of things to do," said McBride. "You're meeting clients who really need some help and it's gratifying to see that the youth that you work with have made improvements in their life and they're not coming back as adults."

One of the key matters that Legal Aid Saskatchewan helps to cover is youth services. Be they family matters, social services, custody access, child support, divorces, adoption, separation, or foster care, McBride and his team help to ensure families and children get what they need.

For him, it provides a purpose to get up in the morning.  

"It's not a matter of if I'm going to make this person's life better," said McBride. "It's what does this person need and how can I help?"

CEO of Legal Aid Saskatchewan, Jayne Mallin, was proud to see a member of her team reaching their golden anniversary in the legal profession and their pearl anniversary with Legal Aid Saskatchewan. She recognized that for many, service is something they are driven to provide.

"We are really lucky, I think, in that we are able to be of service through our job," said Mallin. "We get paid to do what others try to find in a volunteer capacity to be satisfied with life. We're lucky we get paid to do that work, but I think everybody here is of that service mentality."

For now, McBride has no plans to step down from his role at Legal Aid Saskatchewan, even after three decades of service.   

"I'm really grateful for the staff we have, the committee, the dedication that they bring every day and the expertise they bring," said McBride. "We are really the best of the best when it comes to lawyers in Saskatchewan and I really appreciate the work they do and the attitude they bring to the work so that our clients are provided with that excellent service."