Chaplin has finished construction on its brand-new RM facility, and the town celebrated with an open house yesterday. 

The RM of Chaplin’s new facility is 6,400 square feet area, which should be more than enough to house the RM’s implements and allow for easy maintenance and repairs. The new RM office was celebrated yesterday afternoon with an open house, and Brandt Industries representatives served food to all the guests. 

Quentin Wiebe, acting administrator for the RM of Chaplin, organized and attended the open house event yesterday. 

“We did have an open invitation to the rural municipality as well as the village and some of our neighbouring RMs as well, just to bring people in and tour the new office and the new shop,” Wiebe explained. “The word progress was thrown around a few times and it's kind of a big win for the community. It's not every day a new building gets put up, so this is a big win for the village and the RM.” 

The new facility saw over 100 new faces come through, and Brandt Industries flipped burgers and hotdogs for visitors to enjoy. The RM of Chaplin has had this project in the works for a long time, saving up funds since 2010. According to Wiebe, once the construction finished in mid-October, the RM began moving into their new home base.  

“With us being central between Moose Jaw and Swift Current, if things keep going the way they are, there might be RMs amalgamating and getting together and the hope is that with this shiny new building, this will be a hub or a central area... I know the salt plant here in Chaplin is doing an expansion, and so there's always a hope that more people will move out here."