The Chinook School Division is close to releasing the strategic plan for the 2023-24 school year. 

The plan will be taking a bigger focus on family, and focus on other areas such as the board's vision, direction, and various processes. 

Kathy Robson, deputy director for the Chinook School Division, revealed some of what the plan entailed and was excited to bring family into a more major spotlight. 

"The piece around family engagement is really exciting," said Robson. "It's actually one of the pillars of the plan, where schools will get a chance to learn about what are some great ways to engage families in their child's learning."

The idea is to make the communication of what is happening in schools a little more clear. Parents should be able to understand a little more of what's being taught at school, hopefully building a better foundation between school and home for the students. 

Another major focus for this year's strategic plan in the Chinook School Division will be to focus on more specific areas that come up throughout the year. 

"We'll try to narrow our focus and do a really good job," said Robson. "Assessment would be sort of the one area that we're doing the most focus on."

The strategic plan will be released to the public in the near future, with yesterday's meeting being a more general overlook. Anyone with questions or concerns is encouraged to reach out to the Chinook School Division. 


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