This last Sunday, the chrome was shining in the summer sun at the Doc's Town Car Show.

Various hot rods, classics, beaters, and speeders were present in the shade of Kinetic Park. Entrees ranged from nearly 100 years old, to only a few years. Various stages of completed projects were parked side by side, with folks milling about, checking the paint and trim, kicking the tires, and inquiring about the history of the vehicles.

One of the vehicles that were parked in the show, was Terry Carleton's 1972 Chevrolet C10 short box. The green and white pickup was restored over 30 years ago and still shines like new.

"I think 1991 the vehicle was painted actually," Carleton said. "But it doesn't leave the garage too often."

Indeed, the Doc's Town Car Show is something of a traditional outing for Carelton's collection of classics at this point, having entered previous years' shows with different vehicles.

"A friend of mine actually suggested it," remembered Carleton. "It's kind of neat. It's nice, up in the park and it's kind of a neat event."

For folks curious, entering the car show is pretty easy. If you get a hold of the folks over at Doc's Town and let them know you are interested, you can speak to them about entering. Having a classic ride is a prerequisite, but the kind of classics they allow is a wide topic. You can reach them at 306-773-2944.

Everything from old steam engines, hit or miss engines, tractors, tillers, ride mowers, cars, vans, and trucks is all possible. Indeed, a big part of the car show is the classic tractors folks bring in from their farms to show off. Many of these machines are still capable of putting in a good day's work.

For anyone who does not yet have a vehicle to enter the show, you're in luck. 

Carleton is selling his 1972 Chevy C10, along with a few other vehicles in his collection.

"Well, we're getting to the stage of our lives, where we're thinning the herd actually," said Carleton. "A little more time to maybe drive and enjoy some of the other ones."

If you'd like to, you can give Carleton a call at 306-741-9529.