With the recent announcement that the City will be able to construct an accessible park, they have also announced that they have leased the land for said park.

The site of the new park will be at the old Palliser Care Home Facility, which was demolished in 2019. The land has sat unused since the facility's departure three years ago.

The lot in question will be leased for 30 years under an agreement with the provincial government, for the staggering amount of $1.00 a year.

Marty Salberg, General Manager of Planning and Development for the City of Swift Current, gave the presentation for this proposed agreement during city council earlier this week.

"Since the provincial government did not receive any acceptable proposals for the development of the former Palliser Care Centre property," explained Salberg. "The City has been in discussions to determine if there is an opportunity to secure this property."

Swift Current has been looking to construct the first inclusive accessible park and playground in the southwest part of Saskatchewan. This park is the reason they have been pursuing this parcel of land.

"After several months of discussions with the province," continued Salberg. "It is exciting to report that an acceptable lease arrangement has been developed."

The key features of the lease are that the land size is 3.71 acres and the term of the lease is 30 years, plus the period of any renewal option granted and exercised.

There is also the agreement that should the lease not be renewed, the province will be on the hook for improvements to the site, to an amount set by a third-party appraiser.

They have also agreed that the land is to be specifically used for the inclusive accessible park and playground. and finally that the City is responsible for all the costs for maintenance and all improvements to the property, during the lease.

"The timing for this lease agreement could not be better," extolled Salberg. "Given that the City has just recently been notified that it has been successful in its federal grant application."

The federal grant will be used for the development and construction of the park. The amount granted comes in at $750,000. That money can now begin to fund part of the development of the parkland under this new lease.