The City of Swift Current has arranged the supply of next year's water treatment chemicals. 

For 2024, the city has awarded the tender for the chemicals to Cleartech Industries of Regina, as well as Brentag Canada and ChemTrade West of Saskatoon. The total cost budgeted for these chemicals is $621,854.

The City paid $638,531 in 2023, meaning the City is expected to save $16,677 in 2024 on these purchases. 

Normally, tenders are awarded to a single party who is able to provide the City with the best value for the money budgeted. A number of factors are considered, such as reputation, history of work, alongside cost. 

In this instance, no local applicants applied, thus the City of Swift Current was forced to look at those from outside Swift Current. 

Keegan Story, the manager of environmental services for the City of Swift Current, presented this arrangement to the Swift Current city council. 

"These chemicals are tendered yearly, and the contract is awarded to the lowest bid meeting all the requirements," said Story. "The chemicals are placed in an inventory at the time of purchase and expensed when used."

ClearTech Industries will be providing Swift current with Potassium Permanganate, Activated Carbon, Liquid Fluoride, and Chlorine Liquified gas. Brentag Canada will be providing Caustic Soda, and ChemTrade West is the City's source for Liquid Alum. 

As to why next year looks to be cheaper, Story offered his best guess. 

"I don't have an exact answer on that," said Story. "We did see some significant increases in unit prices over the last few years, and my hope is that there is a bit of an industry correction on that."


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