The city of Swift Current has run into a budget problem.

During a special city council meeting yesterday, it was revealed that the west end storm system improvement project would require an additional $100,000 more than expected.

Mitch Minken, general manager of infrastructure and operations for the City of Swift Current, explained how a shift in expectations has brought the price to a near total of $450,000. 

"A single bid submission was received from Knudsen Excavating Limited of Swift Current for $419,546.90, ten percent contingency included, PST included, GST excluded," established Minken. 

That lone high-end bid, combined with the fact that SaskTel and SaskEnergy have infrastructure that will need to be relocated for an additional $30,000, is what drove the bill up so high.

But it won't be too much of a burden to bear for the taxpayers of Swift Current, as there was already $100,000 left over in the creek side rehabilitation project, which was well under budget.

As this budget was already over the mark within the first phase of the project, Swift Current City Councillor Ryan Plewis was curious if this would affect how they approach the budget for next year.

"We'll be re-estimating the next phases as we go and be presenting that in our budget submission for 2023," assured Minken.

The west end storm system improvement project would see flooding issues, caused by the runoff from development properties north of the area, tackled by addressing, improving, and upgrading infrastructure in the area.

Some of the challenges expected in the project will be shallow ditches, excessively wide driveway crossings, damaged or undersized culverts and property owners depositing snow into the ditches. 

The planned project is forecasted to take four years to complete, with phase one already burgeoning the budget.