Shiny chrome and the silver screen will be tonight's major themes in Shaunavon.

The 'Cars Under the Stars event is a pop-up drive-in movie that is being held by the Excellerators Car Club. The movie in question is going to be a car enthusiast classic, American Graffiti, a film that came out in 1973.

President of the club, Glen Miller, invites everyone out for a night under the stars, surrounded by classic cars.

"We're hoping we can fill it right up because it's open to the whole town," said Miller. "And anybody that wants to come for it."

The event is in collaboration with the Reno Rodders from Consul, as they get ready for their big car show the next day. Riders from Calgary, Saskatoon, and around the southwest will be in town for the drive-in theatre, as well as anyone else who wants to pull up to watch.

This is the first year the Excellerators have hosted the event and are looking to make it a great first run. All the proceeds from the event will be going towards a local charity, the local Food Bank. If folks want to donate cash or non-perishable foods, both are welcome.

"We're planning on being at the at the movie site between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m," commented Miller."

All the cars involved will be doing a 'poker' run through town to a few of the local businesses and will be grabbing their snacks before heading to the show. Anyone who attends will be able to purchase snacks and confectioneries before the show starts in town.

Sound for the film will be broadcast on an FM frequency, so people will be able to hear the movie inside their rides. That frequency will be available for folks at the show but hasn't been decided on at the time this article was written.