That haze outside isn't from the neighbour's cookout.

The air in and around the Swift Current area is filled with smoke, and it's come a long way to get here.

This smoke is a result of the ongoing forest fire season that is in full swing in B.C and the western United States.

Sara Hoffman, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, knows all about these conditions and has a guess as to when the smoke will clear up.

(photo courtesy of Sara Hoffman)Sara Hoffman, meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada. (photo courtesy of Sara Hoffman)

"We do have a very interesting system coming up from the cells that could bring an area of rain and slow-moving thunderstorms," said Hoffman. "It is possible that things can improve by the end of this week."

The rain that is expected to come in would help to wash the smoke from the atmosphere, both by moving the air itself, and the rain washing it away physically from the environment.

The most helpful weather that could occur, would be if  a ridge of high pressure that came in over the area. There is such a ridge, but it would require the wind to change direction from its current heading to a more northeast-east bearing.

The smoke currently can pose some health risks for individuals with pre-existing conditions but is currently at a non-dangerous level according to Hoffman.

"Currently there is an AQI Value [Air Quality Health Index Value] of five," said Hoffman. "From one to three, the air is fine and healthy for everyone. Four to six, it can be dangerous for anyone with pre-existing conditions."

People with conditions like asthma, heart disease, and a history of heart failure may want to be considerate of how they feel outside, and limit their outdoor exposure until the air quality improves.