It was lights, cameras, and curtains closed this past weekend on a successful 34th season for the Clearwater Drive-In Theatre. 

Denise Kelk and her husband Ken purchased the venue back in 1988 and she provides some insight into this past summer's biggest box office hit. 

"Well, the biggest one was Top Gun: Maverick. We brought that back for an encore performance for a couple of nights, and everybody who came out enjoyed it." 

Kelk adds that overall it was a great season with lots of great movies to choose from and they had a good turnout this year. 

Reflecting on the importance of the venue in southwest Saskatchewan, Kelk says it is an asset to the community and provides summer entertainment for people at Clearwater Lake, Saskatchewan Landing, Kyle, and surrounding communities. She points out that they are one of only four or five drive-ins left in the province and greatly appreciate everyone coming to visit and the community support. 

Kelk provides details on how they choose their film schedule each season. 

"Well we generally start looking after the new year rolls around. We start looking for what is coming out in the Spring and Summer. Watching the numbers, how things open, and looking for more awesome movies to bring in."

She says they want to thank everyone for a great season and look forward to seeing everyone next year.