After 35 years, the infamously named village of Climax is once again allowing individuals the opportunity to own their very own portion of the community. 

In preparation for the small, rural community's centennial approaching at the end of June, the popular Climax deeds have been brought back to fruition as a way to raise funds for the village. 

The one-inch by one-inch deeds first originated in 1988 and were the idea of Climax Mayor at the time, Gordon Stueck. 

Katherine Thomas, the administrative assistant for the village of Climax, explained that while the lots are a novelty, individuals that purchase one will receive an official title complete with a list of owner obligations. 

“They are free from all encumbrances and liens, so, they are owned, free, and clear,” she elaborated. “They're described as homestead lots, so it transfers to the owner, the right to extend the owner's property and the right to exercise an option to purchase adjoining lots in multiples of six,”  

The owners of the plots do not have to pay village fees for the one-by-one lots. 

The Climax deeds can be purchased for 20 dollars and are located in various places throughout the community. 

All of the proceeds will go back into the community for events such as the centennial celebration and beautification around the village. 

“Because we have such a small community, these fundraisers make an impact,” Thomas explained. “We have social programs, we have a Senior Center, we have a hall, we have all kinds of things going on within our community. So, these fundraisers go towards those things as well as beautification around the village like cleaning things up and taking care of our open spaces. We have all kinds of programs, we are working on, a spaying program for local animals, so we use the money for everything that we can to make our community a better place.” 

To purchase one of the deeds, individuals can either visit the Village of Climax office, email, call the village office at 306-293-2128, or write a letter to Box 328 in Climax, S0N 0N0. 

There is an additional five-dollar fee if individuals purchase their deeds through the mail.