One local police officer is taking an extra step to keep youth safe. 

Constable Tony Curti, school resource officer of the city detachment has been sharing bouts of information at the Swift Current Comprehensive High School for the past few years.  

He was approached by the principal at the time to engage and connect with students while also teaching them things they may not know about the laws. 

“I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to fill in the blanks for a lot of people,” he said. "So, we started doing like a Tip of the Week and it's been kind of going from there.” 

Constable Curti’s Tip of the Week is sent out for the students to read in their announcements, but it often travels farther than that. 

“Sometimes, you know, we go through life, we just forget things. We forget the rules,” Curti said. “This week’s for example, is you have to brush your car off, otherwise you can't see through the windows, your plates are obstructed—those are offenses. And maybe you didn't know that. 

“There are some pretty hefty fines attached to a lot of things that we just go throughout the day, and we don't know. I get a lot of the parents commenting that they didn't know that either, or they found it super informative." 

Students from Herbert have also caught wind of these announcements, and have taken to using Const. Curti’s Tip of the Week at their school as well. 

The documents can be found on Chinook’s website, under the Swift Current Comprehensive High School’s announcements.  

“I’ve got dad humor in my veins,” he laughed. “Some of them are funny, some of them are not so funny. Some of them are just basic tips of life, like being kind to strangers, a random act of kindness, you know, just stuff that we lose track of day-to-day. Sometimes you just need a reminder."

This week's Cst. Curti's Tip of the Week:

On Monday I panicked a little….I had good reason….snow !!!!!! and a ton of it. A bit of a downer as I realized that my shovels and window scrapers were somewhere in the garage. Ok not a big deal. I found them and started with the new morning ritual of shoveling a path to the car and brushing the car off. Some of us may skip a step and not follow this important regimen. The one I want to refer to today is brushing off your vehicle. If you can't see where you are going, the other vehicle or the pedestrian on your way to work or school then that is a problem, and an offence according to the Traffic Safety Act. So, if you are hunched over the steering wheel trying to see the road out of a small portal then be prepared for the unexpected.

Section 246(2) of the Traffic Safety Act say's – Fail to have a clear view to the rear. - $125
Section 246(3) of the Traffic Safety Act say's – Drive with obstructed windshield/window. - $125
Section 192(6) of the Traffic Safety Act say's – obscure a license plate.- $150
At Canadian tire you can buy yourself a certified slim line snowbrush for $7.99 + Taxes saving yourself a whole $115.00

If you know…… know!!!

Cst Tony Curti