Just in time for Halloween, a concerned citizen has called in concerns about a coyote. 

The wild animal is reportedly in the backyard of a residence at Taylor Drive, on the East side of Swift Current, near the Mitchell Field ball diamonds. 

Traps have been laid out by a conservation officer with the City of Swift Current, according to Shannon Reid. Reid is worried that the coyote could get out of the yard, posing a risk to trick-or-treaters. 

"It is currently in my neighbour's backyard," said Reid. "But it is not contained, and could get out if it was keen to do that."

Anyone trick-or-treating in the area will want to exercise caution, Small children should be accompanied by an adult. Other kids should be made aware that if they see what looks like a small dog, they should not approach it. 

Reid said the City is not able to take further action, according to what she was told. 


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