It was a pretty successful outing for the Salvation Army, as the contributions marched in during the Curin the Market Car Show. 

The Salvation Army was accepting donations, be they monetary or non-perishable food items, during the annual City run Show n' Shine. 

Manning the donations for the majority of the day was Leuitenant for the Salvation Army, Bill Mailman. He was posted by the signup tent, watching as the polished hotrods and resto-mods filed into the downtown core for the day. 

"We had some people from the public as well as some of the entry fees," said Mailman. "It was just a good mix of donations and people's support."

In order to enter a vehicle into the car show, the owners of the vehicles had to donate to the Salvation Army. Some brought food, others handed over cash. 

All in all, the Salvation Army reaped the benefits with $580 in cash being donated, and around 90 lbs of food being added to their stores. 

"Yeah, we did pretty well," said Mailman. "Overall it was a pretty good success."

If anyone else would like to help out the Salvation Army before the winter comes, they are always accepting cash and food donations. For those looking to have a more focused impact, the Salvation Army website has a list of all their needs. 

Those who are looking to help out with more than food or funding may consider donating goods like socks, shoes, coats, mittens and scarves. A good pair of snow boots can be the difference between a safe winter and a terribly ill winter. 

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