The Conservative Party of Canada has a new top dog.

Calgary’s Pierre Poilievre won the honour of leading the Conservative Party after winning the nod last weekend.

Cypress Hills-Grassland MP, Jeremy Patzer is excited about the change in hands for leadership and eager to support Poilievre going forward.

"I feel like he's going to do a great job of holding the government accountable," said Patzer. "And making sure that our team is ready when the next election comes to give us a good shot of forming the next government."

For the last few years, Poilievre has made inflation and the cost of living for Canadians major points of interest in his politics. It's expected that they will continue to be his big focus as the new leader of his party.

"That's something that Canadians all across the country are dealing with and are affected with and it's definitely a big focus of us going forward," said Patzer. "I look forward to continuing to hold the government accountable on that and trying to get real solutions that will help people out."

Patzer expects this new leadership to govern the party towards a bigger role in the government, and perhaps even win them the next federal election.

"We'll see how soon the next election is going to be with the minority parliament," said Patzer. "They usually last 18 months and right now the NDP are propping the government up and it looks like the government is going to start to give into the things that the NDP we're asking for. So we're just going to have to wait and see."

Patzer himself had been backing Leslyn Lewis for the leadership of the party. As Lewis failed to capture enough support, Patzer, among other Lewis supporters, is backing Poilievre as the winner, with no disputes emerging.

"Leslyn Lewis is obviously a great candidate, but I'm excited to work for Pierre and I think [he] will do a great job. He has a lot of the same qualities that I saw in Leslyn, so it's going to be very easy for me and for all the people who support Leslyn, and quite frankly, any other candidates, to all be a big part of this team going forward."

Poilievre won the leadership of the Conservative Party on September 10, with 68 per cent of the points in the first round. The final tally was 330 of 338 ridings in favour of his taking the position.