The arrival of colder weather and a change in the elements means a change in driving and walking conditions. 

The City of Swift Current Fire Department is reminding people to keep this in mind. Deputy Fire Chief Pete L'heureux.

"Vehicles at this point,  we are not used to winter driving. We are not used to those changes in stopping distances. Give yourself a little bit of a break check, maybe when you are leaving the parking lot or your driveway. Check those road conditions and make sure you are aware of the stopping distances. If you are out walking, be careful and maybe put on some traction such as some good shoes. Just be aware that it might be a little slippery."

With the holidays just around the corner, L'heureux says to always put safety first when decorating for the festive season. 

"When we've got ladders up, let's be careful where we've got them. Let's make sure we've got them healed and set properly. And then the decorations, let's make sure we are checking those cords, we're not overloading them, and then as we're putting up lights same thing. Let's make sure the lights are in good condition and we're safe whether on the roof or ladder."

L'heureux adds that people need to check their furnaces and ensure they are in good working condition with colder weather arriving.