The Morse RCMP is hoping a costly quartet of recent tickets is a teaching experience for parents travelling at a high rate of speed with children in the vehicle.

Back on July 14, Police stopped a vehicle near Herbert on the Trans-Canada Highway driving 154 km/h. 

After the officer approached the vehicle, they noticed three children five and under, not in car seats or wearing seat belts.   

Upon further inspection - the officer located the car seats in the rear of the vehicle in the storage area.

"As parents or as caregivers it's our responsibility to take care of these children," Mike Young, the traffic services team leader for the Southwest Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS), said. "They don't have the experience to understand what the consequences in a vehicle of what happens if they are not restrained properly in the vehicle."   

The driver was handed a $731 ticket for going 44 km/h over the limit and a trio of $175 tickets for having unrestrained passengers under seven years old in the vehicle. 

"We're looking at different weights and age categories," he explained. "Child restraints are important for anyone under 40 pounds so that's in the actual car seats. Once they exceed that 40 pounds then we're going to be looking at placing children into booster seats."     

Before the driver and children were allowed back on the highway, the officer made sure all three kids were strapped in their car seats correctly. 

"Parents and caregivers need to make sure that these little ones are properly secured, if they're not and they're involved in a collision, those little bodies and up turning into bullets that bounce around inside the vehicle," he said.   

Young extended an open offer to the public that isn't aware of how to properly install a car seat, to reach out to him personally and he can help you out.

"I'm a car seat technician," he said. "I'll gladly do an explanation, well do a face-to-face so that you can actually do it yourself and do it properly to make sure that our little ones are safe out on our highways."