Saskatchewan Agriculture's Weekly Crop Report shows rainfall amounts varied across the province with the highest reported rainfall reported in the Richmound area at 59 mm, followed by Avonlea and Leader at 48 mm. Other notable amounts the Marengo area received 39 mm,  Wadena  31 mm and the Speers area 26 mm.

This week's crop report shows 32 per cent of the provincial crop is now in the ground, that's up 20 per cent from last but behind the five-year average of 54 per cent.

Crops Extension Specialist Meghan Rosso puts together the weekly crop report and says seeding is most advanced in the south.

At this point, 45 per cent of the crop has been seeded in the southwest, followed by the southeast at 36 per cent. Farmer's now have 33 per cent of the crop seeded in the northwest, the northeast is at 26 per cent, the west-central area at 23 per cent and the east-central region is at 22 per cent.

According to the report pulse crops are leading in seeding completion with field peas at 53 per cent seeded followed by lentils at 50 per cent and chickpeas at 39 per cent. Durum is 38 per cent seeded, spring wheat at 36 per cent, barley at 30 per cent, oats at 22 per cent, canary seed at 19 per cent and triticale at 18 per cent. Mustard leads for oilseed seeding completion at 24 per cent followed by canola at 17 per cent and flax at 12 per cent. Soybeans are the furthest behind in seeding progress at eight per cent. 

Cropland topsoil moisture is reported at four per cent surplus, 86 per cent adequate, nine per cent short and one per cent very short. Hayland topsoil moisture is two per cent surplus, 81 per cent adequate, 16 per cent short and two per cent very short. Pasture topsoil moisture conditions are similar at two per cent surplus, 78 per cent adequate, 17 per cent short and two per cent very short. 

To get a regional breakdown check out the complete Provincial Crop  Report here.