After all the rain the southwest has enjoyed, it should come as no surprise that the fire ban has been lifted. 

This comes with a few caveats, as not everywhere is risk-free, but the southwest portion of the province looks to be set to enjoy a weekend full of fire pits, barbeques, and maybe even a few sparklers in the backyard. 

Encouraging responsible behaviour after delivering the news was Marlo Pritchard, president and fire commissioner for the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA).

"Due to the recent rainfall and cooler weather, the SPSA is lifting the provincial fire ban that has been in place since May 16th," said Pritchard. 

Of course, folks need to remember to get a permit for a fire within city limits. They can acquire that by giving the Swift Current Fire Department a call at 306-778-2760.

Anyone at a campsite or provincial park, they should inquire with those responsible for the location as to if they are enacting their own restrictions.