Swift Current City RCMP had a busy weekend responding to several calls to service and making arrests at Frontier Days, including three impaired driving offenses and multiple public intoxication arrests. 

Despite the nature of Frontier Days being good clean fun, acts of violence occur nearly every year. 

The Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the event had no calls for police services at the fairgrounds, however City RCMP made several traffic stops and patrolled the area regularly for the duration of the fair. 

On Saturday, one parking complaint was filed, and at about 10:30 p.m., police on location at the fairgrounds were told an assault occurred in the parking area. Once they arrived at the scene, brief interviews with the parties involved alleged that a family dispute had escalated to violence. One adult male was arrested on the scene, and as of today, the dispute remains under investigation. 

Sunday saw nine police interventions, with several taking place in the very early morning hours. The most minor issues had to do with a complaint of a dog and a burst pipe. At 12:36 a.m., a complaint reached police about a male who breached his probation, consuming alcohol in the saloon. The RCMP responded, finding the man and arresting him for failing to meet his court ordered conditions.  

Two more individuals were arrested for public intoxication that night, with both being held in custody until they sobered up. The pair were released with no charges laid. Three impaired driving cases occurred in the same area, and police are continuing to investigate. 

At 8:34 a.m., a male made a statement to the City RCMP, recalling that an adult female he knew had assaulted him the evening before in the saloon. Police are still looking into the matter.