The fog is making a bigger appearance in Swift Current than expected. 

The fog has descended this evening, bringing with it reduced visibility and slick roads. The moisture in the air lands on the cool pavement, reducing traction for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. 

Motorists are encouraged to use caution and to ensure they are driving with their lights on. In these conditions, it's best to start stopping sooner, to allow for time to react to unexpected obstacles, and to stop should anything appear on the road. 

As the night continues to cool down, roads will get slicker. Motorists who can wait to travel until morning may want to weigh that option carefully. 

Folks will want to keep an eye on the forecast to see if any weather alerts are issued regarding the fog. It will also be prudent to monitor the Highway Hotline for any incidents on the highways that could be hiding in the fog. 


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