The Swift Current SPCA have had their hands full, as two litters of puppies recently arrived at the local shelter. 

The first five new arrivals to make an appearance were 18-week-old Great Pyrenees/Retriever puppies that were surrendered in order to find them a permanent home. 

puppy sleeping

The remaining seven puppies are two-and-a-half-week-old Heeler/Collie mixes, that came to the shelter after their mother passed away and are currently being bottle fed. 

Operations Manager at the Swift Current SPCA, Sara Fillion, explained that although they love having the puppies around, it does increase the need for supplies. 

“We're going to be going through our puppy food like crazy over the next month or so, so puppy food is much needed,” she elaborated. “Blankets and sheets come in handy right now. And then, for the bottle babies, if anyone has any puppy milk laying around, that they don't use, we would definitely take that for sure.” 

two puppies

Fillion added that the 18-week old puppies are started on all their vaccinations, and will be spayed/neutered once they reach the appropriate age. 

The Heeler/Collie puppies will begin their vaccinations when they are older. 

Adoption applications for all 12 puppies can be filled out online here, or in person at the Swift Current SPCA.