Hi everyone, we would like to re-introduce you to Charlie.

Charlie is a sweet 12-year-old boy. As you can see, Charlie is very grumpy thinking about how no one has wanted to adopt him for over a year!!

grey cat

Luckily he has been hanging out in a foster home for most of his time in care but he is ready for a forever family of his own! Here are some important things to know about Charlie:

Likes: chin and ear scratches, following you from room to room to make sure you don't feel lonely, scratching posts, napping, cat nip, watching birds out the window or on YouTube, chasing bugs in the grass (he does well on a leash and harness).

Dislikes: other furry creatures, car rides, being ignored, +30 weather. 

grey cat

If you're interested in meeting Charlie, give the shelter a call at 306-773-1806 for more information.