A community beautification event is set for this Friday in Shaunavon, when Stark and Marsh bring Go Green to the area. 

Darcy Congdon, director of operations for the accounting company, said the initiative started ten years ago and has been a success ever since. 

“We wanted to find a way to give back to the communities that we serve and the clients that are from those places,” Congdon said. “But we wanted to do something that would be impactful with respect to the environment.” 

He added that everyone is encouraged to take part; there is no charge, and folks of all ages are welcome to help out with the many different jobs.  

Local businesses are encouraged to let some of their staff lend a helping hand, with today being the last day for registration. 

“We’d like to make it an annual event in Shaunavon,” Congdon concluded. “So hopefully this year we can get lots of people to come out and they’ll see what they’re able to do, and the impact it has on the community.” 

Go Green projects include tree and shrub planting, landscaping, pathway clean-up, flower bed maintenance, mulching, and more.