A group of young, aspiring actors and musicians will be hitting the sand this Saturday to put on a live theatre at the Saskatchewan Landing.

Sask Express is a travelling collective of emerging artists from ages 15 to 21, that partners with Sask Parks to put on free shows to present their talent.

Brennan Rumancik, Southwest Park Program Coordinator for Sask Parks, said the title for this year's show is Going for Gold.

"We provide a venue for them in the park and they bring their stage and performers to give a free show," Rumancik explained. 

He also added that the group travels to multiple Saskatchewan parks every summer, and all that is required to be part of the audience is a Sask Parks pass.

Cottonwood Beach will be hosting Sask Express on Saturday on the northwest side of the Saskatchewan Landing.

Folks can expect a beach-front show as Sask Express will anchor their stage on the grass at Cottonwood Beach, and are welcoming guests to bring chairs or blankets on the lawn. 

Rumancik alluded that while he doesn't know the details of the show itself, he knows there will be a combination of a play, live music, and dancing. 

"I don't think they want to wreck the surprise," he expressed. 

The energetic show is set to start at 7:00 p.m., and is sure to entertain residents of all ages.