Autumn House Assisted Living Centre hosted its annual barbecue and bake sale in Gull Lake yesterday, drawing quite a crowd and raising important funds. 

The care home has been running with the help of volunteers and donors and has no government funding. The barbecue fundraiser is an important chance for some key funding that helps cover maintenance of the building, which was originally a hospital, built in the 1950s. 

Chuck Toney, the chairperson of Autumn House Assisted Living Centre believes the tradition creates important community engagement. 

(Photo by Alex Kozroski)

“This is probably our best turnout in a number of years; It's a nice day, not too hot, not too cold, and we haven't been rained on,” stated Toney. “We have the old timers playing some tunes and we had some line dancers out there and we got beautiful new cement by Wade Sletten Construction out front.” 

The Autumn House Auxiliary conducted the bake sale, with former and present members of the Autumn House Board grilling and serving burgers and hotdogs. The Autumn House Board is run by volunteers and has seen some recent changes in personnel. 

“We'd like to say thanks to both Dale Connick and John Slabik for many years of service on the board and welcome new board members Jeanne Kirwan, Michelle Kirk and Crystal Winquist,” Toney expressed. “A little bit of a changing of the guard, which is good; it should breathe some new life and some new ideas and some new energy.”  

Toney explained that the biggest expense of the facility is staff salary, proving that much of the funds raised will recirculate into the community.  

“It's a good way to engage the community with both the board members and the staff and possible future residents. That's one thing that is at Autumn House that we've always had is tremendous support from the community”