Rev up those engines and run over behind the Kinetic Park grandstands, cause stock car racing is back in action for Swift Current.

That's right, it's that time of the year to grab the edge of your seat as stock cars thunder by, starting tomorrow at 2 p.m. with tickets for sale at the gate.

Alicia Smith, secretary of the Swift Current Stock Car Association, invites everyone out for some exciting entertainment on the dirt track.

"We're going to have the modified racing, the street stocks, and mini stocks," listed Smith. "Then we're also going to start the year off with another Bump-to-Pass Enduro, where cars have to bump in order to pass each other."

At this year's event, they will have the works for the opening events with a food truck, snacks and drinks, with no covid-era restrictions.

"We're not limited to anything," exclaimed Smith. "Also, to start off the year, we got a sponsor that's giving us money so all kids are free [entry] tomorrow."

After this first race, you can catch the next one on June 17, and chances are most of the races this year will be close to home due to the increase in fuel prices making it a bit more difficult to fund long expeditions.

"I know lots of times that we've thought that before when gas has gone up and it hasn't happened, we've still had travellers," offered Smith. "But it has jumped pretty high this go around."

If you are interested in how the races work and maybe even like to take a shot at driving the fast car yourself, they can help you out with any of those inquiries.

"If anybody is interested in any of those things they can contact us on Facebook on our Swift Current Stock Car Association page," informed Smith. "Or even just after the races come down to the pits and meet the guys and talk to them."

The barrier for entry is not all too high financially, either. With a large selection of cars, you don't need to worry about bringing your own fire and steel to the show.

"The mini class and the bump-to-pass class seem to be where we're getting most of our beginners and they seem to be having a lot of fun," exampled Smith. "My son did his bump to pass last year, I think, for under $500."

Everyone is welcome tomorrow at the opening day race, and are of course welcome to inquire with the Swift Current Stock Car Association if they have any inquiries before, during or after the race.