What's better than a burger and a pint? How about a burger and a pint that helps sick kids?

That's what was on offer at the Buffalo Brew Pub Monday night, as they hosted the RE/MAX Burger and a Pint night.

The event is set up in support of Jim Pattison Children's Hospital in Saskatoon, which treats children from all over the province, including some right here in Swift Current.

Lanette Thoreson, the broker/owner of RE/MAX Swift Current, says the night was a big success, seeing a large turnout of folks looking to sate their appetites not only for dinner but for their desire to help the sick.

"We actually had an excellent night," said Thoreson. "We sold approximately 94 tickets to the event itself and then we ran a 50/50 that raised a total of I think about $940."

The event was selling tickets at the door of the event for those who didn't have a chance to order one beforehand. As certain individuals were looking to stop at the popular eatery for their dinner, some took the opportunity to help out with the event, buying the ticket for their meal.

Tickets were $30 for the burger smorgasbord and a drink, and an additional $20 bought folks their 50/50 tickets.

Winning the 50/50 was none other than Swift Current Mayor, Al Bridal.

"I was actually gonna have a taco salad at Buffalo Brew Pub," said Bridal. "I walked in and here we are doing a fundraiser for the children's hospital."

Bridal chose to participate, buying a meal ticket and a raffle ticket. He ended up leaving before they called the winning ticket number, telling the organizers to donate it back to the children's hospital if he won.

"I said if I happen to win this raffle, just give me a text so I know I won it," recalled Bridal. "Then just donate it back to the children's hospital. They texted me a few hours later and said 'Al you won $480' and I said 'good' and we put it right back."

With that generous gesture, the 50/50 proceeds ended up nearly doubling, helping to raise the total they could send to the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital.

RE/MAX was doing their own special extra effort to raise money for the event, taking donations from various individuals and businesses, as well as taking the proceeds from house sales during the last month and putting a portion of that towards the hospital donations.

"We usually do an annual hot dog sale, so this was our first burger and pint night and we were very pleased with how well that turned," said Thoreson. "We'll probably be looking forward to doing another one next year."