There will be a new voice at the table for the Chinook School Division's Board of Education.

Keri Hudec received 250 of the 275 votes cast in the Subdivision 1 byelection held on Wednesday to beat out her opponent Erwin Seabrook to be elected as a trustee.  

"I'm absolutely flabbergasted at the support from the communities, it's quite a big difference," she said. "That's super-ego boosting or confidence-boosting that makes me excited to move into this next role. With their confidence, I'm hoping that I can do something and make a difference."

The former teacher with a background in middle years English language arts and social studies has a couple of priorities atop her agenda as the newest trustee in the Chinook School Division.   

"We need to remind the school division and those that live closer to the major centres that we still exist," she said. "We still need positive education, positive influences, and although we're rural - we still matter."

Hudec, who is now a municipal administrator for the village and RM of Fox Valley, has had numerous encounters with the previous trustee for her area in Shane Andrus. 

"He was an amazing advocate for the area, we were very sad when the announcement came that he was retiring," she said. "It will be very big shoes to fill and I'm hoping that I can have the eloquent and grace that he filled the position with." 

Hudec has previous experience working with the Ministry of Education as part of her current job.