Museums may house a lot of history, but today highlights the museums themselves for International Museum Day.

All around the world, museums are inviting the general public to stop by and learn about the histories they keep inside. 

Over at the Swift Current Museum, the Education and Programming Director, Corla Rokotchy, is extending that same invitation to the denizens of Speedy Creek. 

Swift Current Museum May18_2023

"We're just celebrating and want to share our museum with the public, so we're inviting everyone to come down," said Rokotchy. 

Inside, visitors will find a new mural painted by Amy Collins, which depicts the Swift Current Creek. There is also regular displays highlighting the history of settlers and agriculture in the area and many faux furry critters that help folks learn about native fauna.

"That'll be open for people to see, and we have a draw and some other things going on," shared Rokotchy. "So we're hoping everyone can stop by." 

Also, the temporary exhibit on display is one on the Metis people. Titled "Hiding in Plain Sight", it shares Metis Nation records, along with records from the Government of Canada. Folks will be able to peruse photos, paintings and learn about one of Canada's most unique cultural peoples. 

"Really, as a museum, we work to preserve the history of Swift Current and the southwest area," said Rokotchy.  "We want to have it publicly accessible, and we're here to share stories and connect with our community." 

Folks who come in for the day will be able to, of course, do so for free, and they will also be able to grab themselves some refreshments staff have provided for the day. 

The Swift Current Museum is open for tours starting at 10:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. this afternoon.