Author: GWR Ag Network

If you want to see the optimum in water utilization make sure to attend the Treasure Valley Market Field Day on July 11th.  The 33 acre market garden operation is located 8 miles north of Cadillac on Highway 4.  The Metke family farm was established in 1912 and features a reservoir which was eventually turned into the irrigation water source for their garden. the Metke’s use trickle irrigation to maximize efficiency.   This includes a large market garden which grows the staple vegetables such as potatoes, corn, peas and lettuce but also less traditional vegetables like asparagus. Fruit production dominates however with the likes of saskatoons, strawberries, raspberries and chokecherries. Metke’s have also partnered with the University of Saskatchewan Horticulture division and established an apple tree demonstration orchard. There is also pear and plum trees, blue honey suckle, melons of all sorts and grapes covering the gate as you walk in. Dwarf Cherries fill out the menu offered at this Garden of Eden.  The innovation with the vegetation is mirrored by innovation with the equipment. Maurice Metke built most of the small specialized equipment needed for various tasks within the Nursery. Bring along your knives for a hands-on grafting demonstration.    The Irrigated Fruit Production Field Day begins at 6:30 Tuesday night at Treasure Valley Markets at Cadillac.