In July, the northwest area of Swift Current was the target for a string of thefts from vehicles.  

The offender, Lance Hilmoe, was sentenced to 150 days in custody when he appeared in provincial court on August 31. 

The custodial sentence was subject to remand time; Hilmoe was detained leading up to his court date, entitling him to a deduction from his original sentence.  

Curtis Weibe, Regional Crown Prosecutor said the main factor in the case is that there were multiple offences occurring over time.  

“We looked at each bundle of charges and essentially treated them separately,” Wiebe explained. “When that happens, usually a person will get consecutive sentences on those types of charges.” 

He added that they included in the facts as a statement that Hilmoe had taken a number of items from each vehicle. 

Hilmoe pled guilty to five counts of the 12.  

"The biggest thing in this case I would say, is that people feel violated,” Wiebe concluded. “Some of the things that we take into consideration are that we want to deter people from doing these types of things we want to denounce the crime, and so that's why people in a position such as Mr. Hilmoe received a custodial sentence.”