June is going to be a month full of fun and activities for everyone in public parks in Swift Current.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Recreation and Parks Month in Swift Current. To celebrate, the City of Swift Current has come up with a series of events that will be hosted across local parks and public spaces.

Krista Caswell, community recreation coordinator with Community Services for Swift Current, had the details on a few of those planned functions starting with the Parkway connection event.

"This Parkway Connection event is all about showing the community how our community is actually connected through our Parkway system," stated Caswell. "Throughout that, we have stops along the way."

June 5 will have a bike safety course at the Riverdene Park with a barbeque starting at 1:30 p.m., going to 3 p.m.

"Participants can learn about bike safety, learn the different hand motions that you need to do," listed Caswell. "We're going to be doing a helmeted inspection, and there'll be tons of other things to do at that location."

The event will make many more stops along the way, such as a fitness program at the Elmwood Fit Park, and a flower planting session at the Rental Community Garden, culminating in a game of Disc Golf.

"If anyone has never played disc golf or they're not sure what it's all about, we will have some program staff there to show them the course and let them fly some frisbees," offered Caswell.

That's just to start the month, which will also include Windscape, Longest Days Night Music Festival, and various other activities across recreation facilities across the city.

For those looking to get even more out of the event, the Community Services has prepared 'Recreation Passports'. These little sheaves of paper can be signed by staff at the various events and locations participating in Recreation and Parks month and can be turned in for a chance to win.

"We will be having some great prizes for those who can take part in as many activities in our wonderful city in [June]," confirmed Caswell. "We have some activity prizes, things like passes to the pool, the driving range, as well as some 57's tickets and pickleball stuff. There's a ton of great activities for people to get out and about in our community."

If you would like to pick up a recreation passport, they are available at multiple locations like City Hall, the Aquatic Centre, the Swift Current Museum, the Swift Current Branch Library, and Kinetic Park. For more information, you can visit www.swiftcurrent.ca/play.